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Find your path in life with this strange RPG


  • Unusual RPG
  • Easy to play


  • Bad soundtrack
  • Boring combat and leveling up

Not bad

Cute Knight Kingdom is an anime role playing game (RPG), set in a mystical kingdom. You play a young girl who sets out to find her way in life.

The game starts after you choose a name, on your birthday. You parents reveal to you that they found you as a baby, and that a mysterious fairy told them you were destined to be anything you wanted! That's a strange destiny, and as you play the game, you have to wander around the world, gaining skills, and improving your experience so you can find your path.

Visually Cute Knight Kingdom is, well, cute but not graphically stunning. It's very much like a 1990s RPG, everything is controlled by the mouse, and your ability to do tasks or fight off enemies you find in the forest depends solely on the experience you've gained. This is the only game where this reviewer was attacked by a starling - and lost!

The sound effects are non existent. There is a sound track that alters depending on what you're doing, but it gets repetitive very quickly. While younger players may enjoy the freedom Cute Knight Kingdom gives, the complete lack of skill involved, plus the relentless cuteness will grate with older players.

Cute Knight Kingdom is best played by kids, although whether they would forgive the basic graphics and annoying music is difficult to predict.

Cute Knight Kingdom


Cute Knight Kingdom Demo

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